Amazon looking to hire 4,900 workers in Colorado starting now

Retail giant Amazon is on the hunt for 4,900 additional workers in Colorado, nearly split between metro Denver and Colorado Springs. In Pueblo, e-commerce support firm Radial announced Tuesday it wants to add more than 500 customer service agents to help its clients deal with the holiday crush. And UPS and the U.S. Postal Service are looking to add hundreds of hires in the coming weeks in Colorado.

“Right now, there are over 125,000 open jobs in the state of Colorado. With the uncertainties we continue to face with the delta variant, Coloradans need access to jobs that balance the health of their family with economic security,” said Joe Barela, executive director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, in a statement accompanying the Amazon hiring announcement on Tuesday.

Amazon has hired 450,000 people nationally since the pandemic began, mostly in response to a surge in demand for online retail. Although brick-and-mortar retailers have rebounded as the economy reopened, the company, which has 16,000 employees in the state, continues to hire, and so are its delivery partners.

Of the 4,900 hires sought in the company’s latest push in the state, 2,200 are slated for Colorado Springs, where the company opened up a new distribution center this year, said local Amazon spokeswoman Nikki Wheeler. The other 2,700 are spread across the metro area.

A separate hiring wave is planned in October for seasonal workers, Wheeler said.

Amazon will pay an average starting wage above $18 an hour on its fulfillment and transportation side, which translates into annual pay of above $37,440 for a full-time employee. The company is offering health, vision and dental insurance, a 401(k) with a 50% match, up to 20 weeks paid parental leave and full college tuition reimbursement. Some of the openings come with signing bonuses of up to $1,000.

Those interested in checking out the available positions and applying can visit The company is also hosting a career day on Sept. 15 providing 20,000 career-coaching sessions with Amazon recruiters. Current employees will also be offered sessions to discuss higher-paying positions within the company.

Retailers and the companies that support them are gearing up to handle the holiday crush. Radial, which runs an e-commerce customer service center in Pueblo, is looking to fill 500 positions. Those interested can learn more at

UPS, the package delivery company, is looking to hire nearly 2,500 workers locally to help with a surge in holiday deliveries, while the U.S. Postal Service is looking to fill a mix of 900 jobs, primarily along the Front Range.

“We have inside or outside work. You can work nights or days. If you like to work by yourself, we have jobs for you. If you like public interaction, we have those jobs too. There is something for everyone,” said spokesman David Rupert.

Anyone interested in the openings is invited to attend one of two jobs fairs being held. The first is Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Downtown Denver Station at 951 20th St. The second fair is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the USPS’s Littleton Highlands Ranch location at 9609 S. University Blvd.,

Back on Aug. 31, the investment firm Fidelity said it was looking to make 500 hires in the state, part of a larger push to add 9,000 jobs nationally. About 44% of the hires are in customer service positions and 9% in technology, the company said.

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