Melvin Gordon bought into sharing Broncos carries with Javonte Williams, but that doesn’t mean the veteran has fallen off

It’s only one game, but Melvin Gordon is showing he won’t easily be replaced.

It doesn’t appear the 28-year-old has lost anything after the Broncos brought in two new running backs this offseason. Gordon rushed for 101 yards in the Week 1 win over the Giants, including a 70-yard touchdown burst late that put the game on ice. It was the league’s longest carry of the week.

Yes, rookie Javonte Williams (45 rushing yards in his NFL debut)  looks solid. But when Gordon dusted the Giants’ secondary en route to that long TD, the veteran put out notice he won’t simply be the rookie’s sidekick this year.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is seeing the same thing.

“(After) hitting that long run at the end of the game, I talked to Mel and I told him, ‘Man, I played with a great running back who would only get two yards here, three yards here, two yards here. And bang, he breaks one for 60,’ ” Bridgewater said. “‘I was like, yeah, that great running back was Adrian Peterson.’”

While “Flash” doesn’t have quite the resume of “All Day,” Gordon’s shown early this season that he hasn’t lost his fire — or ability — to be a lead back.  And with Gordon’s seven seasons in the league has come a maturity to emulate the patience and persistence of Peterson’s running that Bridgewater admires.

“(The patience) is something you still have to learn every week because it’s tough,” Gordon said. “You put in work and you want a big run early. The earlier the better, but you just have to stay with it, you know you just got to — and you know you can’t overdo it, can’t overthink, do too much, kind of just got to stay with the game plan, flow of the game. Like Teddy said, ‘jab, jab and then pow.’ There you go.”

As it pertains to Williams, Gordon has embraced the competition.  Whereas Gordon admits he “got too caught up” in the 2020 running back battle with Phillip Lindsay (now with the Texans), Gordon seems to be more focused this year.

Last season, Gordon ran for 986 yards on 215 carries with nine touchdowns. But he didn’t crack the 100-yard mark in his final four games.

“(Our split carries) keeps us healthy, keeps us fresh,” Gordon said “Going out there fresh, you never know when a big run will come from because we both can break one. We both have the speed, we both have the juice to be able to get the job done. So it’s going to keep us fresh, especially with this extra 17th game added this year.”

And, as coach Vic Fangio points out, the Broncos are incentivized to keep splitting reps between Gordon and Williams after seeing positive results in the preseason and against the Giants. Each tailback played 33 snaps in Week 1.

“It does keep them both fresh, but when you have two good backs like that, that also motivates (the coaches) to (share carries) even more,” Fangio said. “If there’s a big drop-off from one to the other, then you may not be motivated to do it as much, but we feel good about both guys.”

Even with the strong individual start, Gordon is far from satisfied. Just one day after dominating the Giants, he was quick to point out how five consecutive seasons without a trip to the playoffs is “not the Broncos’ identity. That’s not this culture.”

And for Gordon to continue to change that culture, he has to stay focused on improving the intricacies of his game such as vision, blocking and receiving (he had three catches for 17 yards in the opener).

“I wasn’t as sharp and as clean as I wanted to be, but it’s the first game. It’s expected,” Gordon said. “When you aren’t sharp and you go out there and get a victory, that says a lot…. (Success this year) is really just about being consistent, coming out here and just kind of working on stuff that you feel you lack on. That’s what I try to do out there every practice — I try to work on something that I feel was a weakness or that I feel could bring me some success with the team on game day.”

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